Are you feeling stuck?

It's time for a Breakthrough!

If you are struggling or blocked in any area of your life — business, relationship/love, job, health, creativity, money, personal challenges or fears — I CAN HELP YOU experience the breakthrough you’ve been longing for.

You see, you get stuck when you can only see things from one perspective: your own. That limited perspective keeps you spinning in place, like a hamster on a wheel.

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What happens in a Private Breakthrough Session?

In your Breakthrough Session you’ll break through your limited perspective — discovering true clarity and removing deep resistance, so you can create the results you desire.

In your Breakthrough Session, we will tap into wisdom that lies outside the limitations of your ordinary awareness:

  • the wisdom of your body and emotions (a.k.a. your subconscious mind)
  • the wisdom of your inner guidance (a.k.a. your super-conscious mind)
  • the wisdom that comes through my intuition (a.k.a. the higher perspective)

Doing this provides immediate clarity and relief!

I guarantee you will have a true breakthrough during your Breakthrough Session.

How can I guarantee that?? Because I’ve done hundreds of Breakthrough Sessions with people all over the world, and breakthroughs happen… Every. Single. Time.

Breakthroughs are inevitable, when you tap into the wisdom beyond your limited point of view!

Are you ready for a true breakthrough?

Truly, no matter how deeply stuck you may be now, you will experience new clarity and freedom, both during and after your Breakthrough Session with me. I promise!

You can experience a breakthrough in ANY area of your life.

What's possible in a breakthrough session...

"From stuck and overwhelmed - to lighter, clearer, more purposeful AND an action plan!"

- Melodie Rae Jones, Wisdom Coach

"Amazing and very powerful! I haven't felt this way in a long time...I can't wait to move forward with you! "

- Ilona Berkoben MD

"Now I can own my work, articulate it and magnetize new clients to me! HUGE block broken up!"

- Chloe Rain

About Dr. Pamela Moss

Dr. Pamela Moss is the Author of the #1 international bestseller, The Soul Guide to a Magical Life and Creator of The Soul Alignment System for rapid, permanent, guaranteed transformation.

For over a decade she’s been helping coaches, healers and mentors world-wide get deep clarity about their business and purposeful path, and remove their obstacles to being, doing and having all they desire.